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BRYCE Family

First Generation

1. Dale1 Bryce(85) #271 was born before 5/2/1989, the first event for which there is a recorded date.

He married Tina RaeNell Kinsey 1989. (Tina RaeNell Kinsey #270.) Tina was born in Shawnee, OK 1972. She is the daughter of Steven Ray Kinsey and Rhonda Lynn Long. She married Joe Paul Glasgow 1994. Tina was divorced from Dale Bryce 1989.

Dale was divorced from Tina RaeNell Kinsey 1989.

Dale Bryce and Tina RaeNell Kinsey had the following child:

child 2 i. Anthony Kurt2 Bryce(86) #272 was born in Shawnee, OK 5/2/1989.

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