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10. Roland3 KINSEY (Peter T.2 Kinsey, Peter1 KINSEY)(391) #1548 was born in Pendleton Co., SC July 3, 1790.(392) Roland died July 19, 1866 in Walker Co., GA, at 76 years of age.(393)

He married Margaret C. PUTHUFF in Pendleton, SC, December 10, 1810.(394) (Margaret C. PUTHUFF #1549.) Margaret was born in South Carolina November 1, 1787.(395) Margaret died September 28, 1865 in Walker Co., GA, at 77 years of age.(396) ROLAND KINSEY Roland Kinsey was one of the first settlers of Walker County, coming to Villanow, in the mid 1830's (1835-jle). He came here from South Carolina, living a while in Alabama on his way here. He was a blacksmith and also the Postmaster at Villanow, which was then known as Sunset. Roland was born July 3, 1790 in Pendleton County, South Carolina, the son of Peter and Peggy Piehuff Kinsey. His father was born in Dublin, Ireland and his mother in Berlin, Germany. His parents and grandparents came to South CArolina from Ireland in 1785. His grandparents were Peter and Annie (Huffman) Kinsey, both born in Baden, Germany. Roland married Margaret C. Puthill. She was born November 1, 1787. Their children were: Lucinda, born November 12, 1812, married John Brock on January 25, 1835. Their children were: Roland Thomas, who married Hannah Cates, John W., Rebecca Jane who married a Cannamore, Mary Clementine who married Asa David Smith and Martha Elinda who married John Looney. Both Roland and John were soldiers for the South in the Civil War. John was killed and Roland died of typhoid fever. Lucinda is buried in East Armuchee Valley across the creek from what is now the Lanier place. Elender born April 2, 1814, married Needham IKenemer on November 19, 1835. Needham was born in 1812. They had, David Lowery, born in 1837, Lucinda Elizabeth born 1840, William J. born 1845, Eliza C. born 1848 and Jessie Cornelius born in 1850. William born September 29, 1815. He and his wife Sarah had Elijah in 1842, William Washington in November 1843, Margret in 1847, Charity J. in1849, Mary L. in 1851, Jessie R. in 1853, Julia M. in 1855, Nathaniel Marion in 1859 and David in 1861. Mary, born October 30, 1817, married Daniel Kenemer. Their children were: Roland West born June 24, 1834, David born in 1837 and William born in 1842. Roland Cornelius born October 23, 1820 married Cynthia Price on March 12, 1840. Their children were Daniel, Charity Caroline, William Newton, Jessie, Julyann Matilda, Mary E., Sarah Elizabeth, Maegret, and David Jesse W. born June 8, 1826. Roland and Margaret are believed to be buried in the cemetery near the Lanier place where Lucinda is buried, but the graves are unmarked so there is no proof. --Winona Hughes--

Roland KINSEY and Margaret C. PUTHUFF had the following children:

child 34 i. Lucinda4 KINSEY(397) #1601 was born in Pendleton District, SC 11/23/1812. Lucinda died JAN 1882 in Walker Co., GA.(398) Her body was interred in East Armuchee Valley, Walker Co., GA. She married John BROCK January 25, 1835.(399) (John BROCK #1606.) John was born in South Carolina 1812.(400) John died SEP 1855 in Walker Co., GA.(401) His body was interred in East Armuchee Baptist Church Cemetery, Walker Co., GA.(402) (See John BROCK for the continuation of this line.)

child 35 ii. Elender KINSEY(403) #1602 was born 4/2/1814. She married Needham KENEMER November 19, 1835.(404) (Needham KENEMER #1616.) (See Needham KENEMER for the continuation of this line.)

child + 36 iii. Willaim D. KINSEY was born 9/29/1815.

child 37 iv. Mary KINSEY(405) #1604 was born 10/30/1817. Mary died bet 1840 - 1850. She married Daniel KENEMER BEF 6/1/1834. (Daniel KENEMER #1632.) (See Daniel KENEMER for the continuation of this line.)

child + 38 v. Roland Cornelius KINSEY was born 10/23/1820.

child 39 vi. Jesse W. KINSEY(406) #1605 was born 6/8/1826.

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