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Sixth Generation

106. William W.6 KINSEY (Daniel M.5, Roland Cornelius4, Roland3, Peter T.2 Kinsey, Peter1 KINSEY)(603) #1562 was born in Georgia about 1869.(604)

He married Mary Edna White bef 1889. (Mary Edna White #2012.) Mary was born 1873.

William W. KINSEY and Mary Edna White had the following children:

child 187 i. Grady7 KINSEY #2013 was born 8//1889. He married Lilly Tudor. (Lilly Tudor #2014.)

child 188 ii. Gertrude KINSEY #2015 was born 4//1892. She married Clifford Brooks. (Clifford Brooks #2016.)

child 189 iii. Grover KINSEY #2017 was born 1//1894. He married Claudia Jackson. (Claudia Jackson #2018.)

child 190 iv. Daniel Newton KINSEY #2019 was born 04/12/1896. Daniel died 04/12/1896 at less than one year of age.

child 191 v. Creed KINSEY #2020 was born 4//1897. He married Alice Thomas. (Alice Thomas #2021.)

child 192 vi. Annie KINSEY #2022 was born 10//1899. She married Jim Lipham. (Jim Lipham #2023.) (See Jim Lipham for the continuation of this line.)

child 193 vii. Milton KINSEY #2024 was born 2//1903. He married Nell Freeman. (Nell Freeman #2025.)

child 194 viii. Joe KINSEY #2026 was born 2//1909. He married Pauline McWaters. (Pauline McWaters #2027.)

child 195 ix. John KINSEY #2028 was born 6//1911. He married Irman (?) Duncan. (Irman (?) Duncan #2029.)

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