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First Generation

1. Ozer Argo1 Whitfield #90 was born before 1/1/1911, the first event for which there is a recorded date. Ozer died 1920.

He married Margaret Martha Ann Kinsey 1/1/1911. (Margaret Martha Ann Kinsey #36.) Margaret was born 8/23/1891. She was the daughter of James Benjamin Kinsey and Bellzorah Harbin.

Ozer Argo Whitfield and Margaret Martha Ann Kinsey had the following children:

child 2 i. Enoch Argo2 Whitfield #93 was born on (birth date unknown). He married twice. He married Myra ??. (Myra ?? is #103.) He married Ica Tucker. (Ica Tucker is #104.)

child + 3 ii. John Edward Whitfield was born 1912.

child 4 iii. Jessee Christine Whitfield #92 was born 1913. She married twice. She married W. L. Harmen. (W. L. Harmen is #97.) (See W. L. Harmen for the continuation of this line.) She married Jerry Huff. (Jerry Huff is #100.) (See Jerry Huff for the continuation of this line.)

child 5 iv. Elizabeth Ann Whitfield #94 was born 1918. She married John Earl Potterff. (John Earl Potterff #105.) (See John Earl Potterff for the continuation of this line.)

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