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86. George Morgan5 Kinsey (Benjamin Franklin4, Elisha3, Peter T.2, Peter1 KINSEY)(600) #21 was born in Montgomery Co., AR 1/20/1861.

He married Rosie Ferguson. (Rosie Ferguson #324.)

George Morgan Kinsey and Rosie Ferguson had the following children:

child 152 i. Myrtle6 Kinsey #325 was born on (birth date unknown).

child + 153 ii. Lee Harrison Kinsey was born 12/21/1889.

child + 154 iii. Virgil Quzine Kinsey was born 1893.

child + 155 iv. John Clement Kinsey was born 1893.

child 156 v. Ivy Caroline Kinsey #334 was born in AR 1/10/1897. She married Cal Harper. (Cal Harper #335.) He resided in CA. (See Cal Harper for the continuation of this line.)

child + 157 vi. Benjamin F. Kinsey was born 1/9/1899.

child + 158 vii. Willie Kinsey was born 9/14/1903.

child 159 viii. Lillie Kinsey #342 was born in AR 9/14/1903. She married Dewey Monroe Noles. (Dewey Monroe Noles #343.) Dewey was born 8/21/1898. (See Dewey Monroe Noles for the continuation of this line.)

She resided in Los Angeles, CA.

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