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Second Generation

2. Peter T.2 Kinsey (Peter1 KINSEY)(370) #857 was born in Dublin, Ireland 1760.(371) Peter died 1842.

He married twice. He married *Peggy HOFFMAN (Puthuff). (*Peggy HOFFMAN (Puthuff) is #1551.) *Peggy was born in Germany 1765. *Peggy died 1805. He married Chloe Ray in Franklin Co., GA, 3/31/1809.(372) (Chloe Ray is #1000.)

He emigrated, AFT 1777. Point of origin: Scotland.

Peter T. Kinsey and *Peggy HOFFMAN (Puthuff) had the following children:

child 3 i. boy53 Kinsey(373) #995 was born on (birth date unknown).

child 4 ii. boy6 Kinsey(374) #996 was born on (birth date unknown).

child 5 iii. girl1 Kinsey(375) #997 was born on (birth date unknown).

child 6 iv. girl2 Kinsey(376) #998 was born on (birth date unknown).

child 7 v. girl3 Kinsey #999 was born on (birth date unknown).

child + 8 vi. Thomas Kinsey was born 1/22/1781.

child 9 vii. John Kinsey(377) #992 was born abt 1785.

child + 10 viii. Roland KINSEY was born July 3, 1790.(378)

child 11 ix. William Kinsey(379) #994 was born 1795.

child + 12 x. Elisha Kinsey was born 1801.(380)

child 13 xi. Peter Kinsey(381) #1006 was born 1805.

Peter T. Kinsey and Chloe Ray had the following children:

child + 14 xii. Elijah Kinsey was born 1814.

child 15 xiii. Joseph Kinsey(382) #1001 was born 1815.

child 16 xiv. Tabitha Kinsey(383) #1002 was born 1817.

child 17 xv. Mary Kinsey(384) #1003 was born 1820.

child 18 xvi. Elizabeth Kinsey(385) #1004 was born 1823. She married Thomas B. Brooks in Habersham Co., GA, 4/30/1842.(386) marriage info from Penny Brooks 9/27/1998 email (Thomas B. Brooks #1125.) (See Thomas B. Brooks for the continuation of this line.)

child 19 xvii. Arlamizee Kinsey(387) #1005 was born 1828.

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