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Third Generation

21. Henry Y. L.3 BOWERS (Cannon2, Green1)(34) #1484 was born in Orange Co., NC December 4, 1820.(35) 1850 Census -age 28 thus birth year 1822 1860 Census -age 40 thus birth year 1820 1870 Census -age 52 thus birth year 1818 1880 Census -age 65 thus birth year 1815 1900 Census -age 83 birth date Dec 1816 Walker Co Heritage Book birth year 1817 Tombstone states birth year 1820 Henry died January 26, 1906 in Cassandra, GA (Walker Co.), at 85 years of age.(36) His body was interred in Coulter Cemetery, Cassandra, GA (Walker Co.).(37)

He married Amanda Caroline Templeton 1865.(38) (Amanda Caroline Templeton #1545.) Amanda was born in Tennessee NOV 1834.(39) 1870 Census -age 38 thus birth year 1832 She was the daughter of Templeton and ---.

Amanda died APR 1923 in Cassandra, GA (Walker Co.).(40) Her body was interred in Coulter Cemetery, Cassandra, GA (Walker Co.). Simeon and Henry in 1850 Walker Co. Census __________________________________________________ ____________________ __ 1850 CENSUS (T***, Roll-***, Vol-**, ED-**, Page-434, Line-1) WALKER CO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ Born BOWERS, H. Y. L. m 28 NC Martha D. f 24 NC Cyntha E. f 5 NC Sarah T. L. f 3 GA Other information - Farmer __________________________________________________ ____________________ __ 1860 CENSUS (T***, Roll-***, Vol-**, ED-**, Page-875, Line-7) WALKER CO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ Born BOWERS, H. Y. L. m 40 NC Martha D. f 36 NC Sarah T. L. f 12 GA Mary P. f 6 GA William C. m 4 GA Thomas m 2 GA Other information - Farmer, Real Estate Value 0 Personal estate value 300 __________________________________________________ ____________________ __ 1870 CENSUS (T***, Roll-***, Vol-**, ED-**, Page-97/233, Line-28) WALKER CO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ Born BOWERS, Henry A. m 52 NC farmer Amanda C. f 38 TN keeper house William C. m 14 GA farm laborer Thomas m 13 GA farm laborer Martha f 2 GA Tude f 9/12 GA BURTON, Mary A. f 16 GA at home __________________________________________________ ____________________ __ 1880 CENSUS (T**, Roll-**, Vol-**, ED-**, Page-6 Cedar Springs #50/50) WALKER CO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ Born BOWERS, H . m 65 NC NC NC Manda C. f 47 TN SC AL Thomas m 21 GA NC NC Martha f 13 GA NC TN Tude f 9 GA NC TN Oscar m 3 GA NC TN -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ----- Walker Co. Messenger 25 May 1893 Mr. Ike Anderson and Mrs. Templeton of Soddy, TN visiting Mrs. Bob Phillips and Mrs. Bowers' family. [Soddy is about 20 miles north of Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga is about 20 miles north of Cassandra, GA.] -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ----- __________________________________________________ ____________________ __ 1900 CENSUS (T**, Roll-**, Vol-**, ED-**, #496/497) WALKER CO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ BOWERS, Oscar m 27 mar. 2 yrs GA NC TN Mary A. f 26 GA TN TN BOWERS, Henry L. m 83 Dec 1816 mar. 55 yrs NC NC NC Caroline f 65 Nov 1834 mar. 33 yrs 3 child TN TN TN Lula f 29 Nov 1870 GA NC TN Henry Y.L. BOWERS 1817-1906 Henry Y.L. Bowers was born 4 December 1817 near Raleigh, North Carolina. He was one of nine children of Cannon and Martha Lloyd Bowers. He spent his youth with his parents on a farm. In the early 1840's he married Martha Carroll, also of Orange County, North Carolina. About 1845, he along with several others, moved to Walker County, Georgia and settled near LaFayette. [based on census data moved between 1845-47] He leased forty acres from a Mr. Edwards and farmed that land for several years. He then moved to Duck Creek Valley near Chattooga Baptist Church. While there, he and his wife were members of that church and attended regularly. Just prior to the Civil War he moved his family to Lookout Mountain near Cassandra and his home place came to be known as Bower's Gulch. He cleared land on the mountain side and planted peach trees which were to provide him income for the remainder of his life. They reared a family of five children, all but one were born in Walker County. children Cynthia Elizabeth [NC] married Calvin Jones Andrews of the Cove Sarah "Sallie" [GA] married J.N. Haggard Mary [GA] married Mr. Sexton William "Bill" [GA] Thomas Whitfield [GA] Cannon S. died at age 5. [GA] His wife, Martha, died shortly after moving to the Cove about 1862. The Civil War wiped his personal effects away and in late '63 or early '64, he was taken as a prisoner by Union soldiers. He was interned at Camp Chase prison in Ohio where he remained until the end of the war in 1865. While imprisoned, Cynthia Elizabeth, the oldest of the children took care of the other four who ranged in age from two to thirteen. [after Martha's death in 1862] After returning to GA in 1865, he married a second time to Mrs. Caroline Littlejohn of Trion, Georgia. They reared a family of three children. children Christina Martha ---- married R.P. Phillips Tude Oscar A. In 1869 his children Cynthia, Mary and Bill all moved to Arkansas and Thomas moved to Alabama where he married a farmer's daughter. Over the next few years he continued to grow peaches and lived a happy life in Bower's Gulch. In 1892, he visited his children Cynthia, Mary and Bill in Sharp County, Arkansas. In 1898 visited his son, Tom in Serless, Alabama. Shortly after returning from that visit a rock struck his right eye while he was hoeing weeds and he lost the sight in that eye. A few years later he lost sight in the other eye and he and his aged wife Caroline moved in with their daughter Martha and their son-in-law, R. P. Phillips. On a Friday evening, 26 January 1906, at 3:45 p.m. Henry Y.L. Bowers passed away at the age of 88 years. He was buried in Coulter Cemetery in the Cove and rocks from Frick's Cave near his home place were placed on the grave. In 1982 a nice double granite monument was placed at his and his second wife's grave site by grandchildren of his second marriage. --James David Robins-- ****************** In 1838, Henry had bought a clay worsted vest made in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It cost him a V note beside the tailor's bill. While in Camp Chase prison it was admired by many of his comrades who offered him quite a sum for the vest but he did not sell it. Robert Perry, the youngest son of Stephen B. (b. 8-17-1856 d. 1939). He stayed on his father's farm at Cassandra. He married Christina Martha Bowers (b. 9-4-1867), the daughter of Henry Y. L. Bowers. They reared a family of five children. Martha died in 1923 in Cassandra, GA ************************************** N.C. marriages Orange Co., NC Henry Bowers to Martha Carrother 31 May 1824

Henry Y. L. BOWERS and Amanda Caroline Templeton had the following children:

child 27 i. Martha Christina4 BOWERS(41) #1480 was born in Walker Co., GA September 4, 1867.(42) 1870 Census -age 2 thus birth year 1868 Martha died 1942.(43) She married Robert Perry "Bob" PHILLIPS about 1885. (Robert Perry "Bob" PHILLIPS #1461.) Robert was born in Tennessee August 17, 1856.(44) He was the son of Stephen B. PHILLIPS Jr. and Juliet HAWKINS. Robert died 1939.(45) (See Robert Perry "Bob" PHILLIPS for the continuation of this line.) Name is actual Christina Martha, but usually listed as Martha

child 28 ii. Tude "Aunt Sis" "Lula" BOWERS(46) #1514 was born in Walker Co., GA about 1869. 1870 Census -age 9/12 thus birth year 1869 probably October Walker Co. Messenger 27 April 1893 Kensington Miss Lula Bowers returned home from her aunt's home at Apison, TN. Her aunt very low with consumption and expected to live. [most likely this aunt is mother's sister [Apison is about 20 miles east of Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga is about 20 miles north of Cassandra, GA.] Walker Co. Messenger 25 May 1893 Mr. Ike Anderson and Mrs. Templeton of Soddy, TN visiting Mrs. Bob Phillips and Mrs. Bowers' family. [Soddy is about 20 miles north of Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga is about 20 miles north of Cassandra, GA.]

child 29 iii. Oscar A. BOWERS(47) #1513 was born 1873.(48)

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