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72. William Newton5 KINSEY (Roland Cornelius4, Roland3, Peter T.2 Kinsey, Peter1 KINSEY)(496) #1554 was born in Villanow, GA (Walker Co.) January 20, 1846.(497) William died February 24, 1924 at 78 years of age. His body was interred in White Family Cemetery, Villanow, GA (Walker Co.).(498)

He married Eliza Ann SMITH December 12, 1867.(499) (Eliza Ann SMITH #1565.) Eliza was born in Tennessee about 1844.(500) WILLIAM NEWTON KINSEY William Newton Kinsey was born near Villanow in Walker County, Georgia on January 20, 1846, son of Roland Cornelius and Cynthia Price Kinsey. He grew up and spent most of his life in Villanow, the Pocket and East Armuchee Valley. On December 12, 1867, he married Eliza Ann Smith, daughter of J.P. Smith. Their children were: James Newton, born February 12, 1869, married Nancy J. Fisher. Nancy was born in October of 1867. Their children were: Chloe, born in December 1894, Russell, born February 2, 1896, Ethel, born in April 1897, and Ruth. James died December 20, 1946, Nancy died in 1950. Alonzo L. was born June 20, 1872, married Martha Amazon Tuder, daughter of George and Octavia (Stansell) Tuder. Martha was born October 2, 1877. They were married December 29, 1884. Their children were: Gracie Manervie, born March 14, 1895, Annie Octavia, born September 13, 1896, Seaborn Wright, born September 4, 1898, John Cornelius, born April 12, 1900, Harland H., born April 19, 1902, William Felton, born October 27, 1903, Mamie Lou, born September 11, 1905, Ludie Net, born March 29, 1907, Ruby Lee, born December 1, 1908, Bishop Warren, born June 28, 1910, Connie Alonzo, born January 25, 1912, Gordon Lee, born March 3, 1914, Martha Eudora, born February 24, 1916, Jesse Washington, born October 12, 1917 and Bunny born February 16, 1919. Alonzo died November 14, 1950, Martha died April 2, 1945. Mary (Mame) Kinsey, born May 27, 1867, married Terrell Gray on December 24, 1894. Their children were: William Newt, John, Lucy, Suzie, Florence, Vera, Lon, Raymond, and Emma. Mame died October 7, 1946. William Felton Kinsey, born June 17, 1879, married Ella Roper. He died February 5, 1933. Rebecca Ann, born July 27, 1883, married George Washington Elsberry, on September 30, 1900. George was born February 6, 1875. They had Sadie Beatrice, born December 16, 1901, Mary Aretta, born September 14, 1904, Mamie Louise, born August 2, 1908, George Wilburn, born January 30, 1913, Tom Satson, born July 23, 1921 and Syble Lee, born June 28, 1921. Rebecca died January 14, 1929, George died May 8, 1948. William Newton was a preacher. He was the Paster of Fowlers Chapel Protestant Methodist Church in 1896 and 1897, then again in 1908 and 1909. He was also very skilled in woodwork. Some of his work is still around today. There are two rocking chairs in the home of Bill Kinsey, his grandson, that he made by hand. Also he made a rolling pin for his daughter Rebecca when she married, which she gave to her daughter Mamie and is still in the family. William Newton died February 254, 1924 and was buried in the White Cemetery near Villanow. Winona Hughes. __________________________________________________ ____________________ __ 1870 CENSUS (T***, Roll-***, Vol-**, ED-**, Page-46/*, Line-15) WALKER CO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ Born KINSEY, William m 24 GA farmer Eliza A. f 26 TN keeping house James m 1 GA Other information - Farmer, Real Estate Value 0 Personal estate value 150

William Newton KINSEY and Eliza Ann SMITH had the following children:

child 107 i. Mary "Mame"6 KINSEY(501) #1568 was born May 27, 1867.(502) Mary died October 7, 1946 at 79 years of age.(503) She married Terrell GRAY December 24, 1894.(504) (Terrell GRAY #1649.) (See Terrell GRAY for the continuation of this line.)

child + 108 ii. James Newton KINSEY was born February 12, 1869.(505)

child + 109 iii. Alonzo L. KINSEY was born June 20, 1872.(506)

child 110 iv. William Felton KINSEY(507) #1569 was born June 17, 1879.(508) William died February 5, 1933 at 53 years of age. She married Luella ROPER in Walker Co., GA, December 5, 1909. (Luella ROPER #1660.)

child 111 v. Rebecca Ann KINSEY(509) #1570 was born July 27, 1883.(510) Rebecca died January 14, 1929 at 45 years of age.(511) Her body was interred in Fishers Chapel Cemetery, Chatooga Co., GA.(512) She married George Washington ELSBERRY in Walker Co., GA, September 30, 1900.(513) (George Washington ELSBERRY #1661.) George was born in Paulding Co., GA February 6, 1875.(514) George died May 8, 1948 at 73 years of age.(515) His body was interred in Fishers Chapel Cemetery, Chatooga Co., GA.(516) (See George Washington ELSBERRY for the continuation of this line.)

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